Latest Updates

Fund Raising - Community Welfare School, Faridipur, Lucknow

We have begun raising funds for another Community Welfare School. Initially we would start Class Nursery - Class 8.

Community Welfare School - Faridipur is coming up soon...

We are in the midst of acquiring land for another Community Welfare School, Faridipur.

Vocational Training Center @ Amberganj and CWS

Sabka Saath runs two vocational training centers at Amberganj (Thakurganj) and Community Welfare School campus. Over 5 different courses are offered at these locations - Silai, Computer (MS-Office), Beautician, Henna , Make-Up artist,

Student Tuition Fees Sponsorship

Sabka Saath adopts tuition fee of 112 students at Community Welfare School and at other city schools. These students are from extremely marginalised families.